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From the ancient Greek word φύσις  (physis), "physics" means "nature", and is the study of the natural world. All my life I've explored how things work, and at age 11 upon learning of the transmutation of the elements using a particle accelerator, I decided to be a high energy physicist. I continue to learn and teach how the world works, which is a vital part of living well together.

On the top of Observation Hill beside McMurdo Station, Antarctica, with the volcano Mt. Erebus in the background (2011), I'm preparing to lead a small team onto the Ross Ice Shelf for the ARIANNA detector test deployment.


In the underground experimental site in central Washington (2001-2011), I'm removing the cryogenic GRAVITY experiment from a bath of liquid helium in order to change the support fiber.
Mini Professional Bio:
  • MY EDUCATION was a joyful pursuit of all that I was curious about, guided by the clear goal of doing High Energy Experimental Particle Physics: Math, Marine Biology, Astrophysics, Chaos theory, statistics, medical imaging technologies, Relativistic Quantum Field Theory, General Relativity, and efforts to combine the two. By 1995 I felt satisfied.
  • MY SKILLSET developed through a variety of careers: A postdoc at UCSD rebuilding my first PC and a cryogenic dilution refrigerator, freezing air solid and melting silver. A Navy contractor engineer designing, purchasing, documenting, building and installing systems for submarine communications. A project scientist running a complex experiment in an isolated underground former missile bunker, doing theoretical calculations, programmatic calculations, programming a myriad of data acquisition systems, building electrical and mechanical systems as needed, and operating the complex cryogenic mechanical system. Then leading a team on an Antarctic expedition to detect neutrinos put me at the top of the world (or the bottom depending on your reference frame). By 2012 I felt so very capable.
  • NOW, after all the fun and high aspirations to discover new Physics, I made a shift to a career that helps people on a shorter timescale. As a data scientist or "Analytic Consultant" I apply my excellent understanding of statistics with my coding skills to provide operational insights to one of the 4 big banks. Millions of customers and thousands of employees benefit slightly from my efforts every day. Today in 2022, I'm so very grateful.

Current Efforts (August 2022):
  • Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. - Branch Decision Sciences (weekdays)
  • Battelle Gravitational Physics Collaboration (U. Washington and UC Irvine) - Analysis of experimental test of the gravitational inverse square law performed in 2011 (weekends)
  • Personal - Stock market investment analysis (weekends)

Feel free to drop me a message regarding my current or former work [high energy, cryogenics, VLF transmitters, gravity, and Antarctica/neutrinos] or personal interests. updated 8/6/2022